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Outbound Dialing

Outbound Dialing delivers your pre-recorded voice messages
to your contacts simultaneously with a single click

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Outbound Dialing

Outbound dialing is a Voice Broadcasting service where pre recorded voice message is sent to a large audience simultaneously over phone e.g. you can execute voice campaigns by sending pre-recorded voice calls to all your customers simultaneously. The software will call the list of contacts and play the voice message when the person answers the phone.

Automated calling allows you to reach a large number of people in the shortest time. You can use automated calling for Voice campaigns, product announcements, Reminders, follow-ups, promotional offers, survey and feedback e.g. Political parties run their political calling campaign by broadcasting their custom audio message to their voters.

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Upload Contact List

Contact list or Database

Upload Voice Audio File

Pre- Recorded Voice Message

Start Voice Broadcast

The Voice Message is broadcasted to your contact list

Play Voice Message

Voice Message is played when contact answers the call


The Contacts may be asked to press digits from 0 – 9 at the end of the Message


The contact presses the digits to record Feedback, Initiate a Return SMS or a voice call or connect to an IVR or a Live agent etc.

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Benefits of Outbound Dialing
Wide Reach

Reach out to millions of customers simultaneously by delivering your pre-recoded voice message to them e.g. new offers or deals

Easy Setup

Uploading your contact list and audio messages to start your voice broadcast to all your contacts vide our web based panel

Cost Effective

Pay only for the minutes you use with zero maintenance

Call Analytics

Real Time Call Reports to analyse the performance of your Automated phone calls

Better Response

Voice Call has higher impact and response than SMS

Instant Feedback

Get Instant Feedback by requesting contacts to press options (e.g. Press 1 for Yes and 2 for No)

Increase Productivity

Reduce your time and cost by scheduling and automating your confirmation calls, product announcements, payment reminders, status updates etc.

Lead Generation

You can automate Outbound call campaigns with Inbound call automation by routing the call to available agents and converting leads into customers


Reach out to a large target audience in different regional languages

Outbound Dialing – Features

Automated Voice Broadcasting is a fastest and cost effective way to reach your contacts simultaneously

Zero Infrastructure

No Infrastructure Required to start or scale your operations

Call Scheduling

Schedule your promotions, payment reminders, follow up calls etc. and increase productivity

Call Analytics

Receive Real-time and detailed Call Report for each call

Call Recording

Record all calls to monitor and manage customer expectations

Multiple Call Handling

Outbound dialing can handle unlimited concurrent customer Calls

Call Routing

Route your customer calls to the appropriate agent or team members using multiple routing options


Offer Best in class 18x7 Support

CRM Integration

Easy API integration with client’s CRM, Web Application and Apps

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Outbound Dialing - Campaigns

There are multiple ways to customize your automated voice campaigns where after hearing the voice message, the customer can press options to record feedback or is sent a return SMS or a voice call with the requested details or can connect to a Live agent vide IVR e.g. Political parties schedule automated voice calls to voters with their pre-recorded message

How it works?

The user uploads their list of contacts and pre-recorded message to the web platform

Voice broadcasting Platform will call a list of contacts uploaded by the user and play pre- recorded message when the contact answers the phone.

The message can ask the contacts to press any digit from 0 to 9 after they hear the pre- recorded message to

  • Transfer Call to an Agent
  • Leave a Message
  • Give feedback
  • Conduct Polls
  • Collect Lead Data

The automated Voice Broadcast call can also be sent

  • After a Promotional event to contacts to collect instant feedback
  • After a Training video to contacts to determine if the video was useful or not and connect to a live agent based on the feedback recorded

The automated Voice broadcast can be sent for conducting various campaigns

  • Lead Generation
  • Contests
  • Feedback
  • Status Updates
  • Political
  • Announcement
  • Survey
  • Reminders
  • Content on Demand
  • Confirmation

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Use – Case

Voice calls are hard to ignore and has higher impact. Schedule your voice campaigns with our platform get real time results.

Political Campaigns

Political parties send automated voice calls to voters with their pre-recorded message before the elections

Lead Generation

Send a Voice Broadcast to your customer base and ask them to press digits 0 -9 for recoding their preference or route the call to an available agent


The Voice broadcast message announces new product launch and can connect the call to the agent


Collect Valuable Feedback from your existing customer base and analyse their feedback


Send a Voice broadcast to remind your customers about upcoming events or occasions

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