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E-mail Platform

Needtoday E-mail marketing platform can be used to augment company’s marketing strategy by using e-mail messages to promote products, educate customers and encourage sales.

Automation Emails

Subscriber Welcome Email

Internal/ Offer Updates

Transactional Emails

Transaction Confirmation Email

Thank-You Email

Lead Nurturing Email

Information Emails

Digital Newsletter

Announcement Mail

Event Invitation

Types of E-mail
Transactional E-mail

Send Transactional E-mails to communicate with your registered customers e.g Dear $, Your Vaccination TDxx is due on dd/mm/yy

Promotional E-Mail

Companies send Promotional E-mail to potential customers to promote their brand or inform potential customers about new product or service launch. e.g. Buy 1 get 2nd at half price on our Latest range of women’s Tops. Log on to

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Needtoday Business Communication Platform - E-mail Marketing

Needtoday E-mail Marketing is a high throughput and scalable platform to send large volume of emails to your customers or potential customers. You can use this platform also to engage and transact with customers and Partners by sending them E-mail Reminders, E-mail alerts, Product/ Service updates etc..

Bulk Mail Marketing

Send bulk mails to your customers or potential customers

Appointment Reminders

Remind customers about their upcoming appointments

OTP Verifications

Send One Time Password mails to end users for verifying their Phone Number

Survey and Feedback

Get your customer input to improve customer satisfaction

Billing and Payment

Remind customers about their upcoming payments

Status Updates

Update your customers regularly on the status of their orders

Quick Setup

Start sending e-mails immediately after initial setup


Start with low e-mail volume and scale it as per your need.

Fast Delivery & Low Latency

We offer our highly trusted SMTP relay connectivity for faster and high through put assuring best delivery rates and Low Latency.

User-Friendly Web Interface

Helps you to manage your email campaigns, OTP mails, Alerts, Notifications etc. with utmost ease.

Real-Time Reporting

Detailed Live Delivery Reports and Analytics to update you on the status of your email campaign.

API Integration

Send emails directly to your customers from your Website, Application or CRM Platform by integrating our API.

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Fast Delivery

Superior SMTP connectivity ensuring super fast mail delivery


Maintain 99.9% Uptime by sending emails through the most reliable routes

Scalable Platform

Scalable Infrastructure to ensure swift delivery of high volume email marketing campaigns


Receive Real-time, Detailed and Analytical Delivery Reports


Offer Best in class 18x7 Support

API Integration

Easy API integration to send messages directly through client’s software

Data Confidentiality

Best in Class enterprise grade Data Confidentiality


Best in class enterprise-grade security


Compliant with SOX Norms

Needtoday Communication Platform Advantage

“Multiple channels in a single platform for better communication, Lead Control and Business Analytics” Needtoday Communication Platform is a centralisedCloud based Customer Acquisition and optimisationplatform, which brings multiple communication channels in a single platform. Our robust technology allows you to create and execute campaigns, capture and manage leads to increase your productivity and sales at minimal cost.

Multiple Channels

SMS, Email and Voice Channels in a single platform to help you communicate better with your customers

Better Lead Control

Track,Manage and Nurture Leads efficiently on a centralized Platform.

Business Analytics

Business inputs which matter, Hidden data to optimize workforce and increase profits.

Measure Campaigns

Monitor the performance by Hour or by Minute and figure out what’s working and what’s not.

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