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Missed Call Service

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Missed Call Service

Businesses publish a Missed Call number in their advertisements or promotions. When a caller calls on the missed call number the call is disconnected after one ring and the information is recorded in our web-based panel with the calling party details. A Missed call can be followed by another automated call or SMS or a combination of both to notify the customer.

Lead Generation

Missed Call Alert number Leads to increased Lead flow as calls to the number are not charged to the user

User Verification

The customer can give a Missed Call to verify customer mobile number or retrieve passwords


Businesses automate their Cash on delivery COD process by sending an automated SMS with a number where customers can give a missed call to confirm the order

Campaign Performance

Add a Missed Call Alert Number to each promotional campaign across various channels to capture Leads from different channels on our platform and calculate the ROI from each channel


Business can deliver offers, coupon codes or app links by sending an automated SMS with a number where customers can give a missed call

Survey, Feedback

Missed Call numbers are used to conduct surveys and collect feedback e.g. Customers can call different Missed Call numbers for different options for Real time Feedback.

Contest & Voting

Run Contests or Live voting by giving a missed call on the number

Content On Demand

Customers can give a Missed call to the number to access or download customized content

Customer Consent

Customers who are registered on DND ( Do Not Disturb ) can give a Missed call to the number mentioned in the automated SMS to confirm their interest

Missed Call Service - Pricing
Features SOHO SME Enterprise Custom
Missed Calls /month
Price / Month
SMS Included/Month
OBD Included / Month
Call charges beyond Free Calls (30 Sec) - Rs.
Call Analytics and Reporting
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Missed Call Service - Features
Missed Call Number can be used to send Revert SMS or OBD
Same Number can be used for Long Code
Call Analytics & Reporting
Web Interface
Real - Time Analytics
Real - Time SMS Analytics
Call Logs
API Access
CRM Integration

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