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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system technology that is integrated with a Virtual Number and interacts with the callers, gathers the required information and routes the calls to the appropriate recipient.

How IVR Works?

The caller calls the Virtual Number or Toll Free Number, which is integrated with IVR. The IVR system greets the user e.g. “Welcome to Needtoday”, followed by call routing options e.g. Please Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support etc. The user selects the option using their Phone keypad and are directed to the right department or agent.

Businesses can integrate Needtoday’s Multi Level IVR system to their inbound calls to direct the customer to the right department and sent outbound SMS with requested info. They can also send pre recorded voice messages to their customers and use IVR to accept input from the customer.

IVR Features

Offer customers a great experience vide Multi Level IVR interaction

Multiple Call Handling

Handle unlimited concurrent customer Calls

Call Routing

Route your customer calls to the appropriate agent or team members using multiple routing options

Call Queuing

Place incoming calls in a queue in case the agent is busy

Call Recording

Record all calls to monitor and manage customer expectations

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to multiple phones

Call Scheduling

Define your business hours and route your calls accordingly

Call Barging

Supervisors can enter and monitor the two way call between agent and customer

Parallel Ringing

All the agents associated with the number will receive the call at the same time

Call Conference

Add persons to the two way call

Voice Mails

Listen to customer Voice Mails in case the agents don’t answer the call

Call Analytics

Receive Real-time and detailed Call Report for each call


Offer Best in class 18x7 Support

CRM Integration

Easy API integration with client’s CRM, Web Application and Apps

Zero Infrastructure

No Infrastructure Required to start or scale your operations

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Call Management Features

Our Voice Platform is a superior Platform connecting your existing and potential customers

IVR Journey

Business can visually design the call flow and route incoming calls to the appropriate agent or employee or department using multiple routing options. Create complex IVR flows in just few simple clicks.

Call Routing

Stay connected with callers with different and multiple type of transfer options like Random, Round Robin and Sequential Routing

Direct Trigger

Call is routed to the agent with or without the welcome greeting

Missed Call Routing

Connect to your customers with a missed call

Welcome Sound Routing

An Add on in missed Call routing, which allows custom greeting to enhance customer experience

Multi Level Routing

Stay connected with callers with multiple level of press key self – service options

Voice Mail

Receive recorded messages left by callers for unattended calls

Multi Language Routing

Callers can listen to the pre- recorded welcome message in their respective native language

Smart Call Routing

Our Platform offers a smart way to route calls…

Route By Caller Location

Route By Time of Day

Route By Day of Week

Route By Marketing Source

Route By IVR Response

Route By Agent Expertise

Call Attributes
Custom Template & Sender ID

Setup pre designed SMS, Voice audio clips and email templates which can be later used in your IVR journey along with specific desired sender id

SMS & Email Notifications

You can control the activities for sending or stopping SMS/Email auto push on caller’s number as well as receivers mobile number or on his configured email id.

Lead Manager

Assign a caller response to potential lead instantly through the panel with follow up date, comment, the status of the seriousness of caller along with his name, email id and other information.

Call Analytics

Call Analytics helps you to analyse your business incoming/outgoing calls easily and provide insightful analysis based on admin and sales requirements.

Security & Activity

Secure your account through extra security like two-way authentication, set up an IP Restrictions or can add a security question to enable another layer of protection against password hacking attempts

IVR Advantage
Easy Setup

IVR does not require any infrastructure and can be setup immediately

Call Management

IVR Platform manages multiple customer Calls and connecting agents, team members, departments & home workers

Call Analytics

Real Time Call Reports for each call, tracking Call Activity and monitoring service levels for an effective customer response & better decision making

User-Friendly Web Interface

Helps you to manage your Customer communication and Voice campaigns with utmost ease.


Scale your operations without any hassle

Customer Experience

Offer customers an enhanced experience with customers hearing a custom business greeting followed by call routing options

Cost Effective

Pay as you use with zero maintenance

Data Security

Secure your Call data in a single and highly secure platform

CRM Integration

IVR Platform can be integrated with any CRM software or ERP vide our API’s

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