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Connect with your audience and customers using Needtoday Business Communication Platform. Create custom campaigns, send it to the masses growing your customer base and increasing your revenue.

SMS, Mail and Voice Campaigns
  • Create your Contact List
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  • Schedule your Campaigns
  • Track Campaign Performance
  • Automate your Follow up

SMS, E-Mail and Voice Campaigns are one of the most effective ways to connect with your existing and prospective customers.


Needtoday communication platform can launch your SMS, E Mail and Voice Campaigns.

We can run a voice campaign where in users receive a call which offers them a Rs. 10 Recharge if they hear the complete message / advertisement and dedicate / forward the same to their contacts who have to listen to the complete message for the users to win the recharge.

The users receive a recharge of Rs. 10 on hearing the message / advertisement and Rs. 10 if their contacts also hear the complete message.

The contacts also receive the same offer, which is forwarded further ensuring 100% success and is one of the custom voice campaigns created and executed for our customers.

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Needtoday Communication Platform Advantage

“Multiple channels in a single platform for better communication, Lead Control and Business Analytics” Needtoday Communication Platform is a centralisedCloud based Customer Acquisition and optimisationplatform, which brings multiple communication channels in a single platform. Our robust technology allows you to create and execute campaigns, capture and manage leads to increase your productivity and sales at minimal cost.

Multiple Channels

SMS, Email and Voice Channels in a single platform to help you communicate better with your customers

Better Lead Control

Track,Manage and Nurture Leads efficiently on a centralized Platform.

Business Analytics

Business inputs which matter, Hidden data to optimize workforce and increase profits.

Measure Campaigns

Monitor the performance by Hour or by Minute and figure out what’s working and what’s not.

API Integrations

Seamlessly integrate our API with your CRM…

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